Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bed Time Story #2

H: Hey.
C: Hay is for horses.
H: You forgot something today.
C: A hug?
H: Nope.
C: This? (smooch ~)
H: Well, that's very cute. But that's not it.
C: Is it our anniversary?
H: Hellow ~. We just had our first anniversary three months ago!
C: You're right. Let me see....your birthday was in January, Valentine's day was in February, chef's day was in March, lover's day was in April, wife's day was in May, just-because day was in June....Hmm...I don't know.
H: Arrgh....You forgot my allowance money for this month!
C: You're right! I totally forgot...I'll give it to you tomorrow. I get one too, right?
H: Only if you want.
C: Honey, I was about if we raise the allowance money to $30? What do you think?
H: (silent)
C: Honey?
H: (snoring)
C: (whispering) I love you. Good night. (smooch~)