Saturday, July 18, 2009

Go Nuts, Go!

Both C.J. and I have extremely high metabolism. During our vacation to Cancun in May, we both gained 3 pounds over 5 days, which we lost only the day after we came back!

If you look into our cars or bags, you will always find something to eat - cereal bars, banana, dried fruit, V8, cookies... As we don't have much extra body fat to burn during times of extended hunger, those little snacks we carry around help us get through the days. It's not only cheaper, but also more healthful than running to vending machines everytime we're hungry.

One of our favorite carry-on snack is nuts, the Superfood! I buy raw almonds from CostCo and roast them in the convection oven at 350°F for 12 minutes. Mixed with honey roasted peanuts from Trader Joes, it's everywhere: on our dining table, in C.J.'s bag, in my drawer at work, etc.

It's also a great gift, especially for guys. Last year, C.J.'s co-worker gave us a used bike for me to use, and we gave him a jar of home-roasted almonds and another jar of pistachios as a thank-you gift. This past week, another co-worker of C.J. helped him with a minor car issue, and we gave him a jar of mixed nuts.