Friday, October 7, 2016

Bible Geography

     This past Summer, Elisha and I started studying from Genesis using Grapevine's Stick Figure Through the Bible. As you can see from my review of the curriculum, we really enjoy this study. I plan to do one lesson over two days, but, most times, Elisha does not want to stop in the middle and we end up spending a good hour to hour and a half at one time.
     For a long time, I have wished I had a map showing all the different journeys occurring in the bible. And this bible study with Elisha made that desire even stronger, especially with Elisha loving geography so much. Well, I found a wonderful book which is so fit to our needs, and we found it at our local library!    
     Children's Atlas of the Bible is the one. Tonight, as Elisha and I sat down with this book, we were so mesmerized that  we didn't even realize it was past her bed time. Being able to trace Abraham's journey, Joseph being taken to Egypt, Exodus, desert wandering, Israelite's conquer of made everything we have learned from the bible study, Story of the World,  and Classcial Conversation (CC) come alive.
     This is one of the books I would like to purchase and keep on our bookshelf someday. There goes my Christmas wishlist, honey!


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Thousands of Marbles

     That's what Elisha said during the science experiment time at last week's Classical Conversations meeting. The experiment was about orbital speed, and they used marbles on a cake pan. The tutor told the kids how they can easily do the experiment at home if they have a marble and a cake pan, and one of the children, Hunter, said 'I don't have any marble at home'. That's when Elisha blurted out 'I have thousands of marbles at home'.
     She does have a lot of marbles, but not thousands. Maybe a few dozens at most. 'Thousands' was an exaggeration, far from the truth. Where there is an exaggeration, there certainly will be drama as well. Most of all, I believe exaggeration is a lie. CJ & I agreed trimming is necessary.
     CJ talked to Elisha that exaggeration is a lie and how God hates a lying tongue. I sat down with Elisha and we decided to give Hunter some marbles so that he can do the experiment at home. Elisha picked several marbles and put them in a cute little bottle, which is ready to be delivered to Hunter when they meet next time. I really hope the lesson is learned and impressed in Elisha's heart.


Saturday, October 1, 2016

4 a.m. Sticky Fingers Love

     Deborah has been waking up around 4 a.m. I feed her some milk while she is still in daze, but after burping, as I put her down to change her diaper, she comes out of the daze and smiles at me. My logical mind tells me to put her down on the bed and help her to go back to sleep, so that I can rest too. However, we end up playing - tickling, giggling, peekaboo-ing for another hour while everyone else is fast asleep.
     I know my body desperately needs the sleep, but those sticky little fingers on my face are too sweet to let go. Those giggles and cooing are too precious to shush. I know I will miss this wee early morning silliness.
     Kids grow too fast. Time flies too fast. My heart aches to know that I cannot slow down the time, let alone stop it. Tomorrow, I am going to kiss them more, hug them more, and laugh with them more.