Saturday, July 11, 2009

Free Haircut

How does 'FREE haircut for the rest of your life' sound to you? Can you have your hair cut by someone who has NO experience at all?

Somebody had the audacity to ask me to cut his hair. Too bad that I had never cut anyone's hair except my own bangs! Be my guest or ... guinea pig.

One day back in April, C.J. bought a hair clipper set and announced that I shall be his hair dresser from then on. He had told me about this new idea before, but I didn't take it seriously. Anyways, so my journey of haircut mastery started that day.

First, C.J. wanted me to read the manual which came with the clipper set. Oh well, I don't like learning hand skills by reading a manual. I wanted to watch the real action. So he showed me a series of youtube videos which was for people like myself who wanted to learn how to cut men's hair. I found it boring, though.

What I needed was over-the-shoulder-learning. So, I followed him for a few visits to hair salons. The first observation was during our vacation in Cancun, Mexico. We visited a hair salon inside Wal-Mart in downtown Cancun. I sat right behind CJ and his hair dresser, and watched her hands, scissor, and clipper moving. It was fascinating enough to persuade me to follow C.J. for a few more hair salon visits.

Two weeks ago, the D-day finally came and it was my turn to be his hair dresser. I tried a few more times to dissuade him from this reckless adventure, but he was determined to get this 'free haircut for the rest of my life' thing going right away. O how nervous I was!

Well, so I cut his hair and it turned out...not bad. I gained some confidence and will certainly do a better job next time.

How much are we saving by doing this? Somewhere between $260-$350 a year.

Well, if you see him around, please say some nice things about his haircut.