Monday, June 8, 2009

Allowance Money - Money & Marriage

Starting this month, we are giving each other allowance money - $20 a month. Woohoo! It's a way to reward ourselves for our efforts to live frugally.

Looking back at the past 15 months we've been married, we did a wonderful job of managing finance. Fighting against health insurance companies; haggling with furniture companies; confronting and negotiating with utility companies; selling old books and household items on E-bay and Craigslist; packing lunch everyday; taking buses to work during the gas price hike last year; clipping coupons every week...

Even when we had an argument and there was a cold war going on in the home, we kept each other accountable for every dollar we spent. Our commitment to be faithful stewards of the financial blessings God gave us has bonded us much stronger than we could imagine. Without us realizing it, we've become a good team.

*Tip of the day
Managing finance together with your spouse not only builds your financial freedom, but also builds your marriage.