Sunday, June 14, 2009

Date Night

Do we ever eat out? Yes, we do! We enjoy exploring resturants that serve great food at sensible prices.

Yesterday, after having an awesome time of worship at the House of Prayer, C.J. and I went out for a date night. After much discussion, we decided to go to Chodang Tofu Village. Tell me about a hearty meal...the hot spicy tofu soup was so satisfying, as always! Including tip, the dinner cost us $25.

There are several restaurants in Chicago area, where we always find high quality food at very resonable prices:

1. Chodang Tofu Village - Korean Cuisine - No MSG. Their tofu soup will not disappoint you.
2. Pita Inn - Mediterranean Cuisine - Fast food in high quality & no tips!
3. Hub's - Greek Cuisine - Try their Shish-Ka-Bob
4. Viccino's Pizza - Italian Cuisine - This is the only pizza I pay for!
5. Psistaria - Greek Cuisine -I always get Souvlaki on Pita to-go.

What's your favorite restuarant? Let us know!