Friday, September 9, 2016

Curriculum Update as of September 2016

     Classical Conversations Cycle 2 is starting in a few days. During this past Summer, Elisha and I spent at least one and a half hours each weekday reviewing what she had learned during Cycle 1. It was a way for me to spend a quality time with Elisha, and Elisha finished notebooking geography (two times!), history (two times!), English, Latin, Science.
     Right now, we are doing two math lessons 4 days a week and about two lessons of Grapevine bible study each week. Mercy, a 14-year-old homeschooled girl who works as a mother's helper for us has been teaching Elisha violin, and I am hoping to start teaching Elisha piano soon. Also, today was our first day of meeting up with a Spanish-speaking family to learn Spanish (I will write more about this later).

Here are the curriculum we are using as of September 2016.

1. Math - Saxon Math 2
2. Phonics, Reading - All About Reading III
3. Spelling - All About Spelling II
4. Spanish - Language exchange
5. Science - Nancy Larson Science 2
6. Bible - Grapevine's Stick Figure Through the Bible
7. Classical Conversations - Notebooking for each of these subjects: History, Math, Science, Latin, Geography, Fine Arts, English
8. Cursive - Elisha has fallen in love with cursive writing this past Summer. Praise God! We will continue to incorporate cursive handwriting practice into her notebooking time.
9. World History - Continue with Story of the World audiobooks
10. Classical Music Appreciation - Classical Kids (It is a collection of CDs)