Sunday, September 25, 2016

Passing on TAPO Spirit

     If you know me, I take promises very very seriously and I despise empty promises, broken promises, forgotten promises...Very often, instead of giving a definite promise, I would rather say 'I can't promise that, but I will think about it'.
     Last year while I was on bed-rest with twins inside me, I had promised to Elisha that I would join her to Aquatica & SeaWorld 'sometime after twins are born'. CJ & Elisha have annual passes (they got their passes when they were for BOGO sale!), but I don't. However, a few times a year, annual pass holders get a chance to 'bring a friend' for free. This month we received a day pass for both Aquatica & SeaWorld, and I was on a mission to fulfill the promises I had made.
     Last weekend, we all went to Aquatica and enjoyed a beautiful, not-so-crowded day. I got some mosquito bites, but the trip made twins very tired and they slept a lot for the next two days. Best of all, it felt so~ good to finally keep my promise.
     Yesterday was SeaWorld day, and Elisha and I made a late afternoon trip. We arrived there around 4pm, and soon we were met with thunders with dark, heavy clouds over our heads. We were told that all the shows were cancelled due to the weather, and we had no choice but to leave....BUT I really wanted to honor the promise I had made to Elisha last year, and decided to talk to the guest service if it's possible for me to get a day pass to come back another day.
     When we arrived at the guest service, there was a long~ line of people and it was very hot and humid out there. In addition, Elisha thought it was nonsense to ask for another free pass. For a brief moment, I thought about turning around to go home, but then I realized it was a great teachable moment. It was a chance to teach Elisha the TAPO spirit: tenacious, assertive, persistent, obnoxiously patient spirit.
     After a long wait, I was able to talk to a staff at the guest service. In Elisha's presence, with respect and clarity, I explained the situation and made a request for another day pass, and guess what!? They gave me a rain day pass which I can use sometime within a year! Elisha was super surprised. Was she proud of mama? Yes! Did I set a good example for her? Yes! Would I be able to fulfill my promise on a cooler day? Yes!