Saturday, August 27, 2016

Stick Figure Through the Bible

     Who can be more passionate about my child's soul than me? I have been searching for a good, a real good kids bible study/devotion idea for a long time. We have tried a few kids' devotional books and bibles. They were okay, but not great. I have been anxious to find something that will help Elisha and myself to dive deep into 'studying' the bible, instead of just 'reading' the bible. I did not want anything that makes bible sound as if it is another fairy tale or fiction. And we found one!
     It has been about 3 weeks since Elisha and I have been studying Stick Figure Through the Bible. We are working on the first of the Old Testament Series:Creation to Jacob, and oh, how much we love it! It is very engaging for both of us, and we get so excited that we often spend over an hour. An hour each day for a bible study is a lot for a 6-year-old, but time flies when we are working on this bible study. As we study, Elisha and I experience the joy and sadness felt by the characters and God in the bible, and we often laugh, cry, and get upset with them.
     It is such a simple bible study curriculum, but there is something, something powerful that makes the bible so real to us.
     Right now, we are studying about 4 lessons each week, but once Classical Conversations starts next month, that might need to change a bit.