Monday, July 18, 2016

Nancy Larson Science Review

     This past Summer, Elisha started Namcy Larson Science 2. We did not do Nancy Larson Science 1, and the reason we skipped level 1 is because a huge chunk of the level 1 is dedicated to human body science, and Elisha has already studied human body science with the cute little My Body.  Actually, we covered My Body twice. So, we decided to forgo Nancy Larson Science level 1.

     Regarding level 2, this is Elisha's first complete science curriculum and we both love it. It is very thorough and easy to teach for me, and over and over I find that if I enjoy a curriculum, Elisha ends up enjoying it as well. I like how it comes with fun, easy experiments. I also very much appreciate how they let me know a few lessons in advance if there needs some special materials. For example, for the Rocks and Minerals lessons, the teacher's manual noted 3-4 lessons beforehand to start collecting various sizes of rocks. I asked CJ to get some rocks during his lunch break at work, and it was so nice to have those rocks ready on the day when we needed them!