Monday, September 13, 2010

Shoes under Lifetime Warranty

If you bought high quality shoes (mostly of well-known brands) in Korea, they come with lifetime warranty. However, the perk comes with a very high price tag. A pair of nice shoes costs usually twice or sometimes three times more than what they cost in US.

Since my feet are very small (US size 4.5), most of my shoes are bought in Korea where it's much easier to find small-sized shoes. Of course I feel bad that I have to spend so much money for shoes. So, to get the most for the money spent, I make sure to take a good care of them, and that's where that lifetime warranty comes in handy. A lot of my shoes are over 10 years old, but they are still in great shape, because whenever I get the chance, I take them to the store and have them repaired and polished. My mom jokes that if everyone in Korea were like me, all the shoes stores would have to close their business.

This past weekend, CJ got a new pair of very nice dress shoes. My mom, who is the master 'deal finder' informed me that men's high quality dress shoes are on sale for $50 at a major department store. So, CJ went shoes-shopping with my mom and found a great deal: a pair of Guy Laroche shoes which goes normally $300! They were only $50, and, in addition, the lifetime warranty came along as well. What a steal!