Tuesday, August 18, 2009

15 Overpriced Things People Hate Paying For

I found an interesting article on money section of msn.com. With the recession, more families are trying to cut non-essential expenses, and they have become very conscious about where their money goes. MSN.com asked people to find what are the top 15 things they now go out of their way to avoid paying for:

1. Movie theater popcorn
2. Event parking
3. Printer ink
4. Drinks at restaurants
5. Bottled water
6. Gourmet coffee
7. Restaurant holiday deals
8. Movie tickets
9. Oil changes
10. Airport food
11. Ticketmaster fees
12. ATM fees
13. 401k management fees
14. Airline baggage fees
15. Hot dogs at baseball games

Well, I just paid for event parking and Ticketmaster fee last week, BUT I saved a lot on the ticket itself!