Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Road Trip to Toronto, Canada

For the Memorial Day weekend, I wanted to go for a road trip to Toronto, Cananda. It wasn't difficulto to persuade CJ, my geeky husband, to join the trip. We decided to get a GPS as my belated birthday gift (I am directionally challenged) and then I told him this trip to Toronto will be a great chance for him to play with the GPS. Of course, he fell into the trap and happily enjoyed the long drive with his new toy!

1. Hotel

Again Priceline did not disappoint us this time. I decided to do something crazy and bid for a four star hotel at $50 per night. Well, to my disbelief, we got Le Meridien King Edward hotel at $50 per night! We were so exhilarated since their normal rate goes at least $130 per night. It was at a perfect location for tourists like us, and the quality of their bedding - mattress, sheets, and comforts- was very impressive!

2. Food

Toronto is known as the most diverse city in the world, and their diverse range of cuisine is one of the things we wanted to explore. We did not dine at extravagant restaurants, but we didn't skimp on our meals, either. On the day we arrived at Toronto, we had dinner with our friend at Pho Aimy Restaurant, a Pho place in Chinatown. For three of us, we ordered an appetizer, three Pho's and Pho Xao (stir-fried noodle dish). Their pho was the best that I've ever tried. However the stir-fried noodle dish was way too salty. The whole thing came out to be $34.47 (CAD).

On Sunday, CJ and I decided to explore the city separately. I tried a prime rib at House on Parliament which was being offered as Sunday night special at $14.95 (CAD). The meat could be marinated better, but overall, it was a very good meal for that price. Meanwhile, CJ, strolling up and down the streets, ended up having a boring dinner at Johnny Rockets.

We brought an ice box full of bottled waters, fruits, and other snacks, so we did not spend money for snacks or water. For breakfasts, we got some bread and milk from a local grocery store nearby the hotel.