Wednesday, May 11, 2016

From 3 to 5

We just welcomed twins into our family! They came out about 3-4 weeks early, but, thankfully, both are healthy. I had hyperemesis for 8 months just like 6 years ago when I was pregnant with Elisha, and it was very tough time, especially with another child to take care of.

However, there is a small testimony I would like to share. Being so not functional for such a long time, many days and many times I doubted if the pregnancy was right decision or not. Being unable to take care of Elisha as I used to made me feel very frustrated and, often, depressed. CJ and I had decided to have more children for the sake of Elisha, but many days during the pregnancy, I felt like we made a wrong decision. As she saw me throwing up day and night for 8 months, Elisha often covered her ears and cried she didn't want me to be pregnant, that she didn't want any brother or sister. I had asked God if we made the right choice, if we were doing good to was not even a prayer. I was just venting out.

Then 5 days before the C-section, Elisha came up to me and said 'Mommy, at CC (Classical Conversation) last time, all my friends were holding hands with their brothers and sisters but I didn't have anyone to hold hands with'. I asked Elisha how she had felt about it, and she said she had felt very lonely. Oh, the joy and tears! Just 5 days before we welcomed twins into our family, God made it very very clear that we had made the right decision for Elisha. It released me from all the doubts and burdens I had been carrying all along the pregnancy and...5 days later, our family became from 3 of us to 5 of us. Isn't God awesome?