Sunday, February 26, 2012

Financial Stewardship of My Church

I love my church here in Korea - Seoul International Baptist Church. After we had moved to Seoul, Korea, it took us 18 months to find out a church right for us.

First of all, my church is free of debt. Yes, NO DEBT, which means their financial resource is not being wasted to pay for any kind of interest. YAY!

Secondly, C.J. and I have noticed that SIBC is very prudent in their spending. They give a lot to missions, and a few years ago when there came in an unexpected $100,000 offering, they gave ALL of it to missions.

Thirdly, SIBC is transparent in their finance. Every year, in January, they let the whole congregation (not only members, but also non-members as well) know their budget for the year, and members vote on it to approve or not. Everyone knows from how much our pastors are being paid to how much the church spends on electricity and water. Being a big saver, of course, I notice areas where I can contribute to save for our church, and I would go around the church to turn off unnecessary lights.

Lastly, my church stands on the firm foundation of the Word of God. From the pastor to lay people, there is such a zeal to learn and grow in the Word of God. No wonder SIBC is a faithful steward. They know what God says about money!

In addition, I believe such focus on the Word of God is what makes SIBC a strong and stable church. When the answers are found in the Word, instead of human mind, there is such peace and harmony.

If you are looking for a church in Seoul, which is simple yet powerful, I would like to recommend SIBC.