Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On Passion

Do you love your job? I recently met two people who love what they do.

The first person is Rachel Coleman, the creator of Signing Time series. Just for fun, C.J. and I had started exposing (I don't like using the word 'teaching') Elisha to sign language through DVDs that we found at the library. We randomly picked one DVD, and it happened to be Signing Time. In this DVD series, Rachel teaches American Sign Language in such a fun and exciting way that even C.J. and I often get lost into it while showing it to Elisha.

After a while, I started wondering how Rachel had started learning ASL and how she makes learning ASL so fun. Then, one day, I happened to watch the special features section of one of the DVDs, where Rachel gave the answers to my questions. When Rachel's daughter, Leah, became one year old, Rachel and her husband found out that she was profoundly deaf. That's how Rachel started picking up ASL. Then their second daughter, Lucy, was born with spina bifida and cerebral palsy. Lucy learned to sign and eventually to speak, and proved her doctors were wrong.

Rachel has the firsthand experience of what sign language can do for children with special needs. Also, she feels that it's her mission to promote sign language among hearing children as well so that they will grow up thinking of signing as normal. That explains the passion and earnesty that I see in her in those DVDs.

The other person is C.J., my husband. Well, he did NOT like his previous job where he had worked for about 11 years. C.J. worked to pay the bills - nothing more than that. Right now, he loves what he does as a Government Negotiator. When he was offered this position, as the job was so different in nature from what he used to do before, he hesitated quite a bit. However, C.J. is thoroughly enjoying his 'saving taxpayer's money' work, and I am thrilled to see him loving what he does for living.

A man can do nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in his work. Ecclesiastes 2:24