Monday, November 22, 2010

Time is Money

In my pre-baby years, I used to work two jobs: full-time audiologist during the day and part-time ESL instructor during the evening. I thought I was crazy busy then. However, now that I've become a full-time mom, I find mothering an infant is much more work than working two jobs!

When Elisha takes a nap, literally every second counts for me, because I never know how long is her nap going to be. She can wake up in five minutes or in a few hours. As soon as she falls asleep, my mind starts spinning, going through the mental list of a dozen things-to-do.

Most of the things are related to housework. However, some of the things on the list are directly or indirectly related to saving/earning money: disputing over service charge on a bank account, searching for used baby items on craigslist, listing items on craigslist to sell, filing healthcare claims, searching for a more affordable health insurance plan, logging in daily spendings, updating bankbooks, etc. As I struggle not to be negligent of these responsibilities, I often have to remind myself that 'TIME IS MONEY'.