Thursday, March 4, 2010

God on Our Side - Door Opened, Door Closed

On 2009 Thanksgiving weekend, big news arrived in C.J.'s e-mail inbox. The e-mail was containing a job offer from the Department of Defense (DoD) to work in Korea for three years. Initially, we thought it was a spam mail, but after confirming over the phone with the actual HR person who sent the e-mail, it wasn't a joke any more.

C.J. had been applying for DoD jobs since early 2008, and this job he was offered was one of the many positions he had applied for in May 2008. We were excited, but I wasn't sure if the timing was right, because at that time, I was on bed rest due to severe case of morning sickness and was not sure if my body could handle the trans-pacific move. However, as it was something that we had been asking, seeking, and knocking for a long time, we decided to accept the offer.

Then, about a month later, we found out that C.J.'s then-current job would not be available from February 2010! At that time, C.J. had been working as a contractor for the City of Chicago for three yeras. However, obviously the City of Chicago union filed a complaint two years ago asserting that the work C.J. had been doing should be given to a union member, not to an outside contractor like C.J., and the union won the job. Of course, C.J. did not know this was happening all those years, so when he heard the news, it was a shock not only to him, but also to his company.

Whew....what could have happened if C.J. did not get the job offer from DoD? What could have happened if we decided not to accept the offer? Insurance, mortgage, baby....How would we have handled all the expenses?

Realizing how perfect the timing was, C.J. and I could not stop praising God. I still remember telling CJ how overwhelmed I was by His work.