Tuesday, September 29, 2009

To Give or Not To Give?

Every year, we receive many letters from friends asking for financial support for their short-term or long-term missions trips. Whenever we receive them, we take our time to discuss whether we have to give or not and ,if we decide to help, how much we have to give.

Not long ago, we received one of those letters from a couple whom C.J. has been friends for many years. They were going on an overseas missions trip for about 10 days and asked for support.

C.J.'s response was 'Of course we have to give, because they are my long-time friends!'. However, my response was very different: 'They've become my friends as well, but knowing that they are not responsible with their finance, I have much reservation'.

Since it's not like I have unlimited financial resource to support everyone who needs help, I would like to give to those who have the history of being responsible and faithful with finance so that my gift would not be wasted.