Tuesday, April 21, 2009

C.J. Won, Too!

In February, I wrote a posting 'I Won!'. It was about my battle against BCBS's seemingly-intentional mistake. At that time, I briefly mentioned that same thing had happened to C.J., which was still unresolved at that time.

C.J. kept faithfully calling them every other week for the last two months to get the update for the case. Each time he called, they said they were doing 'hand-calculation', which usually takes a long time. Hmm...'hand-calcualtion'...maybe all their calculators broke?

Tonight, after almost 2 months, we finally heard from BCBS: They dropped the total charge of $150 from C.J.'s BCBS account!

Were we bothered by the delay? Yes, we were. A lot. Did we think of giving up the fight? No, not after witnessing what had happened to my case in February.

Again, it's very sad that a lot of unsuspecting people are being ripped off by this kind of 'intentional mistake'. I cry for those who allow their insurance companies to rip them off.

If you feel too tired or overwhelmed to fight with your insurance company, let me know. I will do the fight for you.

I am so proud of you C.J., my fellow TAPO-man!

TAPO (Tenacious, Assertive, Persistent, Obnoxious)