Friday, October 24, 2008

Food Cost Savings #3 - Reduce Waste

Once I set to become more conscious of my habits, I realized that a lot of food was going bad and eventually into the garbage can. Then I started doing research on how to reduce the waste.

I. Leftover Bread

For quite a while, not knowing what to do with bread which couldn't be used by the expiration date, I used to throw them into the freezer, and it often made me feel guilty. Not anymore! Now I use them to make casserole with sausage, chopped onion, eggs, and milk. Just mix them all together and put it in the oven for 45 minutes. Or bake them until they are completely dry and crusty, and turn them into bread crumbs using food blender.

II. Old Banana

I am not very fond of old, mushy bananas, so I try not to buy too much at once. However, once in a while, it just happens and I am at the crossroad of detesting the sight of it and of feeling guilty.
Now I use old bananas to make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Adding banana makes the cookies chewy and sweet without much sugar.

III. Green Onions

You don't want to miss when green onions go on sale at $1 for five bunches, but it takes a genius to use all of them before they go bad. Wash them and drain water out, and then chop them to freeze in a ziploc. Just break off whatever amount you need for the dish!

IV. Don't Be Picky

I heard a wife complaining about her husband refusing to eat the same dish for more than one day. Well, be willing to eat the same dish for two or three dinners. Last week, we cooked stringbean stirfry with ground beef, which happened to be too much for one meal. Instead of throwing it into garbage or freezing it for the unknown date's dinner, we ate it the next day. With all the seasoning soaked deeper into the meat and stringbean overnight, it tasted better than the other day!